Window condensation – how to solve the problem

As a house owner, there are plenty of issues you will be dealing with. Window condensation is definitely one of them – it can be really annoying and damaging, especially since it is very difficult to avoid. Old joinery is definitely one of the main reasons that facilitate humidity accumulation, which is why if your house has it, it is better to replace it right away with double glazing before you need misted window repair services. But if you do reach this situation, you can visit this website to find more information. Interior window moisture is caused by excessive humidity, which appears on cold season mostly, because of the temperature difference between the air inside and the cold glass. However, the good news is that interior condensation can be diminished and kept under control, and together with it, the damage that it will cause to your property. Here are some of our suggestions:

Make use of specialized devices

Humidifiers, hygrometers, moisture eliminators and dehumidifiers are only some of the devices you should use in order to keep moisture indoors under control and regulate it, if necessary. Condensation is likely to appear in the rooms such as nurseries, bathrooms and kitchen. Turn the humidifier down, check the hygrometer constantly and adjust values making use of a moisture eliminator. Purchase these products that you place around the house (on the floor or hanging from the ceiling), as they are very efficient and affordable.  Hopefully, this will help you get rid of excessive water vapors that affect the walls as well as windows. If not, soon enough you will have to invest in misted double glazing repairs.

Circulate the air

Airing the house properly is the key to success when it comes to low humidity. To begin with, remember to air the rooms thoroughly, even during the cold season. This way, you eliminate some heat, building a balance between the air indoors and the one outdoors. Sudden heat will no longer come into contact with the frost outside. This will definitely lead to condensation even inside double glazing windows, so you will need misted window repair.  To ventilate the air better, you can also install exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom, because these are the areas the most prone to moisture. Turn the fans on when you cook or have a bath – 20 minutes will be enough to make the air circulate. 

Take out your plants

Yes, your beloved plants might be the reason why you need misted double glazing repairs and condensation removal. These release humidity into the air, and while this may be recommended on hot summer days, as soon as the cold season gets close, it will become an actual nuisance.

Raise the temperature around the windows

If you manage to heat your windows a bit, you are likely to remove condensation at all. This is due to the fact that you will prevent warm air from inside to hit the cold surface of the glass, which makes the surface wet immediately. Try to use curtain, blinds or drapes to protect glass from low temperatures.