What Major Should You Choose to Pursue A Real Estate Career?

Although more and more colleges have started to offer degrees in real estate, it is still a relatively new major. If real estate is your dream job, but your college does not offer a real estate degree, there are several other options you can choose from, to benefit your future career. Below is a list of the best major options for your future realtor career:

Real Estate

This is probably the most obvious choice and includes a variety of courses that will give you a better understanding of the realtor profession. Courses usually explore subjects such as economics, finance, investment, urban planning, construction law and construction safety. Some colleges require students to also complete an internship before graduating, to help develop the skills needed to become a realtor. This will also add to your work experience when looking for a job after college. This major usually offers an Associate’s degree, but some colleges offer a Bachelor’s degree as well. A Bachelor’s degree allows students to gain more in-depth knowledge of the real estate field and opens the possibility for higher paying jobs.

Business or Management

If you don’t have the option of a real estate major, a degree in business or management can help you prepare for your career. You will be taking management, economics, finance and accounting courses, but also calculus and math. This can also help you start your own real estate business at a certain point. After all, you are not taking a geb3373 lecture for nothing. This major will help you get a better understanding of business practices, which is crucial for a career in real estate. The classes you will take will help you develop strong communication skills, but also other abilities, such as logical thinking, problem-solving and project management.


Finances are a big part of the realtor job, so finance degree might come in handy if you want to pursue this career. A major in finance explores courses such as investing, various financial markets and institutions, financial management, financial planning, as well as economics. Math plays an important role in a finance major also, so having a math background can help tremendously. A major in finance will help you develop good communication, analytical and research skills, the ability to understand numbers and keep you up to date with correct business practices. These are all abilities that will help in your career as a realtor.

Construction Management

A major in construction or construction management will help you if you want to pursue a career as a builder. Courses such as construction management, methods and materials and construction law will give you a better understanding of the field, but you will also have to attend classes for project management and safety. Hands-on courses are key in becoming a good constructor or constructor manager, so most universities who offer this type o degree also require students to complete some kind of internship or seminar. Like in a real estate major, this will also count as work experience and help with your employment later on.