Try these cheap decorating ideas for Christmas

The Christmas holiday is probably the most expected time of the year. There not a single person that doesn’t enjoy the snow and receiving tones of presents. But before the presents you have to decorate the tree for Santa Claus and for the children. The only problem is that the decorations left from last year are not functional anymore and instead of investing your money in gifts for the loved ones, you are forced to buy new decorations. Or do you? Ribbons are such versatile pieces of material that they can be a successful substitute for commercial ornaments. You can bring the family together and make together beautiful ornaments that will last you for years to come. Here are some ideas to start with.


All that you need is a coloured roll of ribbon and of course some wire. The length depends on the size that you desire and the number of curves that the bow will have. To begin with, you take the end of the ribbon and create a curve that is just the right size for you. In order to narrow it, you have to press and twist the ends together. The centre can be stapled in order to ensure stability. The centre will never be as wide as the loops. Create an additional curve on the other side that can be again secured with staples. And the process continues till you run out of material. Make a loop in the centre and after that fasten with floral wire.

Pleated ribbon decorations

Ribbons give a special touch to any setting and their effect is intensified when placed in the Christmas tree. They can either be chosen in contrast colours or green shades that complete the overall look of the green tree. If you prefer them to be shinier, then you can insert gold and silver beads. Nothing says festive as gold and silver. By involving the children you have the chance to develop their skills and imagination. You’d be surprised what they can realise. All you need is a roll of ribbon, elastic, beads and a needle. You will have to reduce the length of the elastic and tie a curve at one end. Next, the elastic is thread on to the needle and only after that on the bead. With the needle you will enter the ribbon and make a curve and then insert it again. Carry on this operation until you get to the end of the ribbon and attach a jingle bell for a plus effect.

Cascades of ribbons

If you are not that skilled at craft projects, you can just adorn the tree with long flows of coloured ribbon bands. You do not even have to purchase the material because anyone has ribbons lying around in the house from other decorative projects or from birthday parties. In addition to this, consider the material left over from wrapping the gifts. As mentioned previously, you can attach them to the windows and even the front door.

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