Tips for Selling a Fully Furnished Home

The sale of a property, that is to say a fully furnished property, has to follow a number of rules. But what really happens when you try to sell a furnished apartment? What are the most important steps that you have to follow in order to ensure you make a sale? If you are interested in selling a fully furnished home, here are some tips that you need to follow.

Ask for fair price

Asking for a higher price than the actual value is probably the most common error. This is understandable, everyone wants to get the maximum from the sale of his house. By cons, this may have the effect of having discouraged buyers and delay the sale. Be realistic, take time to study and analyze the market in your area and secure a fair price.

Take time to make your house look tidy and clean

Once their house is found on the market, some owners tend to overlook it. “What does it matter,” they say to themselves since the latter will soon be sold. This is not the right attitude. It takes even greater efforts to actually make your house stand out. A clean and well maintained home will sell faster and sometimes even for a better price. The first impression always matters. If you choose to sell a full furnished home, make sure your furniture is in good condition, such as the bed and especially the mattress. It’s important to ensure that your mattress is safe to use for future owners (if they choose to keep it). The recommended mattresses 2015 models are the ones made with latex. These mattresses are very resistant to bacteria so this represents a good option.

Make sure that you will have some good quality furniture items

Have you ever noticed that model homes of property developers are often fully furnished with good quality products even if nobody is living there? This is because it is easier to sell a house when it seems occupied and brand new, than when it seems abandoned. The main reason is this: when they visit a home, buyers try to imagine themselves living there. So as much as possible, leave some good quality furniture to fill up the space. You could also use the services of professionals who will rent you furniture and place them for you.

Surround yourself with professionals

Many professionals can help you in the process of selling your home. Whether a notary, a building inspector, a land surveyor or a licensed appraiser, you should choose carefully. In all cases, the work that you will pass on to them is important. Take the time to check if your friends have used the services of one or other of these professionals. Ask them if they were satisfied and if the job was well done. Also check if they are part of a professional agency and if they have a good reputation.

Don’t get emotional

This trap is probably the most difficult to avoid. Many people develop a deep emotional attachment to their property. This is quite normal. But we must still conduct things in a professional manner. The sales process can be stressful in different ways. No need to get excited, a good product at the right price certainly finds a buyer.

As you can see, selling a fully furnished home is different than selling an empty property. Nevertheless, a lot of buyers prefer this choice, as it saves them a lot of time and money. Last but not least, don’t forget to make some compromises. For example, if the owners are unsatisfied with something, offer an alternative. Say that they don’t want your old mattress. In this case, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in one of the recommended mattresses 2015 models. This is an investment that will pay off, as along with the mattress, you will also get rid of the rest of your furniture.

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