Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

Even the best kept homes need a boost from time to time, especially if you are one of the people that think about their home as an investment. If you plan on adding more value to your home, it is important to think like a potential buyer. What would you want, maybe one of the most efficient water filter systems, or maybe a redesigned kitchen. Think about what a new owner would like to see and what would put them off. Although you may not need to redecorate completely or use the most expensive products to increase property value, invest in a few quality updates, and de-clutter to make sure your home will become more attractive on the market.

The basics

A house with bad basics will sell for much less than a safe, improved home. If your house is old, consider getting it inspected and fixed up. Start with the roof and check if there are any leaks or if the tiling is in good condition. Next, make sure that the basement in not wet and that the windows are properly isolated. Replacing simple windows with double-glazed windows could significantly increase the value of your home. The electrical system must be safe, efficient and the house must have enough outlets to suit the buyer. Consider more efficient water, heating, central air conditioning and water filter systems. Make sure the sewage piping is not damaged or obstructed by tree roots.

Extra luxury

Adding some modern features to a house can make it more attractive to buyers and raise its value. However, don’t go overboard and consider adding or updating the alarm system, jacuzzi or bathtub, storage solutions, a dishwasher and high-quality insulation. Homes with water filter systems have a higher value as drinking water is becoming increasingly contaminated. You can examine the benefits of several types of water filtration systems, including shower filters, water filters and whole house water filters.

Beautify the garden

A messy garden doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it can actually put off sales or decrease the value of your home. A well-kept yard or garden will make your home seem more welcoming and opening to a buyer. Moreover, a well landscaped garden will increase the value of your home, so make sure you fix any broken fences or walls, plant a few trees for a little protection from the sun and some bright flowers. Indoor plants can also make a huge difference. Choose big bushy or flowery plants. If the house doesn’t have sufficient natural light, use a led light in order to give the plants an extra boost of nutrients. Healthy plants will hide the lack of natural light. 

Update and Inspect the Roof

The roof is a very important part of the home. Properly inspecting it and making sure it is free of leaks and damage is vital to the value of your home. A prospective buyer is going to want a safe sturdy roof. If you suspect there is any damage to the roof that needs to be repaired it would be best to call a professional such as, Colorado Roof Toppers to make sure that the job is done correctly and more damage isn’t being done to the roof.”

Update the kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen is the center of the house, so older kitchens with little storage, outdated fittings and few electrical outlets will lover property value. If you want to update your kitchen without spending a lot, consider changing the cupboard door or, counter tops and replacing old flooring with tiles. To add more value, make sure the bathrooms look clean and new. Although you may not need to replace all of the fittings, consider re-painting the walls, re-tiling, replacing shower doors, fitting a large mirror and replacing light fittings.

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