Three elements to boost your house’s value

If you are planning to sell your current house, then you should know that prices are something difficult to establish by those who have never had anything to do with the real estate market. You can, of course, learn about the average prices based on the main characteristics of your property, but you will not be able to establish an accurate value. This is actually variable and it depends on what the potential buyers will be interested in: if, for instance, they want to have a garden or a pool, they will consider it is worth it to pay a higher price for a house that offers these facilities. Besides the needs of the buyers, you should know that the interest rate, the local market and the overall state of the national economy are also important variables. However, as far as the features and facilities of the property are concerned, there are some elements which remain valuable, no matter what. Here are just some of them:

Having a pool

Building a pool is not a simple task, but it has its benefits. To begin with, inground pools Toronto will represent a great source of amusement for your family – everyone will love to spend time there during the summer, not to mention the excitement of those who love water but cannot travel to the seaside. In addition to this, a pool is the perfect “accessory”, which will make your house look fancy and equipped. This is very important during a home inspection, for example, because all the additional elements are listed and an expert will calculate the overall value based on these. Besides being a great asset any property should have, the pool will also make a great first impression on potential buyers, whose attention will be drawn by it.


Having a great exterior

The appearance is very important, because it is the first thing buyers and real estate agents find out about your house. A neat exterior means that the current owners have invested in the looks and functionality of the property, making sure it is in good conditions. In case you have a spare space around the house, transform it into a garden, because this is also an element that can boost the value of the establishment. Plant some trees, add some greenery and bring out some comfortable pieces of furniture, and the job is done. Furthermore, the way the entrance door and the window frames look like is also quite relevant, so try to restore or even replace these, in case they seem worn out.


The functional space

Besides the exterior, potential buyers will also be interested in a spacious interior. No one will buy a house that looks too stuffed and not airy, so make sure you de-clutter and give away all the useless stuff you store. People who come to visit properties are looking for a lot of storage space, so remember to remove bulky pieces of furniture and eliminate all the personal marks around, such as fridge magnets or family pictures. This way, visitors will find it much easier to picture themselves living there.


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