The small details of memorable garden weddings

A wedding is a big event. There are all sorts of preparations that need to be handled. For weddings with bigger budgets, going to the restaurant and doing everything by the book is the best possible choice. However, when you have a small budget and high expectations, you might want to consider a different approach. If you want something private, but with a real success, then you should definitely consider a garden wedding. With small decorations like the ones you will find online on websites like your event will turn out great, of that you can be sure. Speaking of decorations, here are three interesting suggestions on what to use to properly arrange the back yard.


Beautiful ribbons and bows


If there is one decoration that simply defines the spirit of a wedding, then that would have to be the ribbon. Usually, for such events, satin bows are used, coming in beautiful colours. However, you can use organza bows just as easily and the effect is guaranteed of that you may rest assured. The question is where to place them. Well, this is a matter of taste. Ribbons can be placed anywhere in the yard, hanging from tress or wrapped around the chairs and the table. You could even use them for flower arrangements.


Securing the proper lighting


When you say garden wedding you say atmosphere and the best way to achieve it is to use the right lighting. To create that romantic, wedding atmosphere, you should focus on small lanterns that are placed among flowers or on tables. Also, simple bulb strings through the branches of the trees. You will see that by doing so, you will most certainly host that romantic event you were hoping for.


Small thematic details


Every event needs its theme and so does your wedding. Think of something that you and the groom have in common. You could have a wedding with the theme of travelling or recreate a place you liked most like the south of France or Greece. Your options in terms of themes are truly unlimited, so think of one that best suits you as a couple. Once you settle for one, you should start buying small things to recreate that theme.


The bottom line is that hosting a garden wedding is probably the safest way to success. You are bound to have a beautiful event simply by using bows and being surrounded by flowers. So, if you know your budget is limited, do consider an outdoor event in your own yard.

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