The most common masonry services


Masonry works are very common nowadays, which is why there are many dedicated companies on the market, offering a wide variety of professional services. Although most people think a mason’s job is limited to creating stones decorations and installing tiles, this is not actually true. They need to have a complex background, since they can design a construction from scratch, and then make sure the results are meeting their clients’ expectations. Just click here if you want to learn more about what a mason actually does. Here are some of the most common and major masonry services:

Residential constructions

If you have a construction project in mind, then a team of professional masons is exactly what you need to transform it into reality. They have all the necessary competences and hands on experience in order to create a plan from scratch and provide you the most suitable solutions – and all these, on a budget. Whether you want to create an annex to your house, such as a winter garden or an outdoor kitchen, you can rest assured that a masonry company will deliver the best results. You will get an incredibly functional and comfortable living space – all you have to do is choose the right firm, tell them what you want and you will get exactly what you want.


Chimney / fireplace repair and restoration

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, then you should do your best to keep it in great state. This element is definitely the focal point of any room, but besides its design, you should also pay attention to its functional purpose. If the chimney is in good condition, you need to make sure it works properly so you will have to hire a professional mason to take care of all the repairs and maintenance operations. You can even choose to change the design and style of the fireplace – after a restoration project; it will become a brand new “accessory” for your house.  This way, you and your family will stay safe and enjoy the fireplace longer.


General repairs

Normally, general repairs are made by professional masons. These may be related both to the interior and the exterior of the house, since a lot of indoor and outdoor constructions are done through masonry. One of the most common types of repair requested by house owners is restoration of brick or plaster damages created by moisture. These occur most of the times in the exterior, due to rain and other precipitations, but also in the inside, in case there is a crack and humidity manages to penetrate the walls. Professional masons will identify the source of the problem, eliminate it and then repair what has been damaged.

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