In today’s busy world, when we are surrounded by technology, face many changes, and deal with immense job stress, the wellness industry seems to benefit from all these.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness industry has grown by 12.8% from 2015 to 2017. While in 2015, the wellness industry was worth $3.7 trillion, in 2017, its worth was $4.2 trillion.

So, it comes as no surprise that the real estate industry has also embraced these new market trends that were changing consumers’ perceptions about their dream home.  The wellness industry promotes a healthy lifestyle, a membership to the gym in your area, and taking better care of your mental wellbeing. However, the only way to achieve optimum wellness is by choosing a home that is designed to help you live a healthy life. Plus, the wellness real estate industry is expected to grow to $180billion by the year 2022.

So, the wellness real estate industry is certainly a good business that you should invest in right now.

Wellness in commercial buildings

One of the main areas where the real estate industry has embraced the wellness demand from consumers is in commercial buildings. Wellness in the workplace is one of the most popular topics nowadays. All employers want to provide their employees with a work environment that promotes their wellbeing and health.

The wellness experts from Allied Pain and Wellness explain that” Wellness real estate is a rapidly growing industry which aims and has the potential to meet today’s immense health challenges our world’s population is facing”. And, with today’s employees constantly facing immense stress at work and with health problems on the rise due to office work, employers had to find a way to help their workers remain healthy and productive.  

What do consumers want?

Similar to every other industry, the real estate industry is shaped according to the consumers’ demands and trends. If the consumers want homes that help them live a healthy life, the real estate industry must conform to these trends, otherwise, they will lose a lot of profit.

So, today’s consumers no longer want to have their wellness experiences only during their vacations, they want to take wellness into their homes too. What should real estate investors invest in? 

Most consumers who claim to be interested in a wellness lifestyle are those who also show interest in purchasing a vacation or a second home in a community or neighborhood where wellness is highly promoted through many opportunities. For example, consumers want to buy homes in areas where they can find fitness centers or spas, restaurants that offer healthy food options, and centers where they can connect with wellness professionals.

So, what investors should do is to find those areas and invest in creating housing options that will attract wellness-centered home seekers.

To sum up, if you are a new investor in the real estate industry, there are a number of reasons why you should center your investments into wellness-oriented properties be it residential, commercial or mixed-use.