Should Brazil be the home of your next property investment?


You may have heard that investing in real estate in Brazil is a good option for your financial future, but you have not found that much information about it. What you should know is that foreign direct investments into Brazil boomed over the period 2009-2011 and things do not show signs of slowing down. The country is an attractive investment destination. The state of Bahia, in particular, offers opportunities for investment in leisure facilities, golf resorts, restaurants, apartment residential resorts, and more. Bay View Parque is a good example of a successful project. For detailed information on projects in the state of Bahia, visit Regardless of what type of property you are looking for, purchasing real estate in Brazil makes sense from a financial standpoint. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Brazil the home of your next property investment.

The economy is booming

One of Brazil’s strong points is its diversified economy, which is less vulnerable to international crises. At present, Brazil is one of the largest developing economies in the world, being above countries like Italy and Canada. Cities in Brazil, like Salvador, benefit from a large infrastructure and new roads. What is more, the government is willing to invest more money for improvements.  The country is experiencing strong economic growth and according to Goldman Sachs, it will become the world’s 5th biggest economy by the year 2050.  Brazil’s economy is inviting towards foreign investors like you. Companies from countries like Spain, Belgium, the United States, and UK are already investing in it.

Doors are open to all foreign direct investments

The Brazilian government strongly encourages overseas investments, so foreigners can buy and, most importantly, own land here. Not only is Brazil open to foreign direct investment, but the country also encourages it. Brazil will receive you with open arms as it has received Bay View Projetos. Let us discuss more about Bay View Projetos. The company from London saw the potential of the Brazil investment market and bought prime land, waiting for it to develop. Now the residential apartment resort, Bay View Parque, is a highly profitable one. Bay View Projetos succeeded because they took advantage of the existing opportunity. Brazil has a strong potential for growth, so do not miss this chance.

Growing tourism causes rise in capital gains

Tourism is a major industry in Brazil, millions of people visiting the country each year. Notably, the state of Bahia manages to attract visitors from all around the world. The state of Bahia is attractive for international tourists due to its beautiful coastline. Leading investors, like Richard Bowles, see Bahia and its capital, Salvador, as an important investment destination. As Bay View Projetos discovered, there is a good outlook here for hotels and beach resorts. Nevertheless, travel and tourism have a positive effect on capital gains across Brazil.

The purchasing process is simple

Foreigners are permitted to buy real estate properties and the process is straightforward. This means that purchasing property is not a difficult undertaking. To access investment opportunities, it is advisable to discuss with an expert of Bay View Projetos, a company that handles real estate development for luxury projects. The company launched their first project on the Island of Itaparica, a great place for investing into real estate. You will be provided with insight to Brazil’s property investment market and government backed strategies.