Reasons you need a home insurance policy

 The logic behind making a home insurance policy is to have a solution in case of significant loss. You sing up to pay an amount of money (significantly smaller than the value of your home) and stay at a comfortable point where neither damage to your home (rented or your own property) nor an accident on the premises of your property can bring you loss. As a result to the high request on the market, agencies like specialised in offering this type of services and some do it better than others. But let’s clarify why do you need a home insurance policy.

What does my home insurance policy include?

We can differentiate between two types of policies, as it follows:

  • Building insurance policy and it covers permanent fittings such as kitchens and bathrooms, and
  • Content insurance policy and it covers all your belongings, from clothing items, to furniture, appliances and other valuables that are not part of the structural layout.

Many specialists advise us to buy them both in a joint policy, although they are available separately as well. Evaluate your necessities and decide what fits them better.

Content insurance – how relevant is it?

Since this type of insurance covers all our belongings, to be more exact whatever is not attached to our house’s building, it is safe enough to say that it is highly relevant. No matter how the loss or damage occurred (generally, these policies cover theft, fire and flood), you can be sure you will have a backup for everything, including clothing, jewellery, appliances and furniture. However, make sure what your policy does covers and don’t assume anything. Sometimes for options such as accidental damage coverage, personal belongings coverage and other similar options, you must pay an additional amount of money and specifically ask for them.     

What does the “personal belongings coverage” include?

This type of option usually applies to all your belongings you also take outside or carry with you. For example, your smartphone, laptop, your new expensive camera, and the expensive set of jewellery you just received as a gift. If you know you have highly valuable personal items, make sure you go for this option as well.

Know for sure what your policy doesn’t cover

You can’t assume anything when it comes to home insurance policies. Therefore, make sure you know for sure what is not included in your policy. For instance, insurance policies do not cover damage to a laptop caused by a virus. Clothing wise, items damaged while wearing them are not eligible. Make sure you discuss these aspects with your insurance agency and find out what you benefit from.

How to choose a great insurance company

Well, if possible, go for a company with quite a history on the market. They usually show higher levels of consideration when it comes to their clients, and they always make sure they deliver products tailored to their client’s specific needs. Also, flawless customer services are another big plus, because you need someone patiently introducing you to your policy’s terms and conditions.