Insulation – a surefire way to save money

It is widely known that insulation is an investment that can help you save money on the long term. Every homeowner uses a different type of heating system and the energy price might fluctuate depending on it. These variables are out of their control, but when it comes to high bills, they have to find a way to lower them, because there is hard to find money to pay all the expenses of a house in these conditions. If you find yourself in this situation, then you might have already tried to install a programmable thermostat, lower your thermostat or even come up with an energy efficient action plan. However, you might have neglected installing new insulation, thinking that the old one still gets the job done. Well, the fact is that old insulation systems have lost their properties by now, and you should contact a company specialising in old insulation removal to check if it has to be removed and replaced with new one.

Add insulation to your attic if you want to save money

If your house features an attic, then you should know that the most of the heat from your home escapes through it. The main reason is that the majority of houses do not have enough insulation on the attic, and when the heat rises, there is nothing there to keep it from getting out of the house. So, it would float out and your only possibility to prevent this is to install new insulation. One good option would be fiberglass insulation, which is seen as a cheap type, and you can install it by yourself. You would be able to save money not only with the energy bills, but also with the installation process, because you do not have to pay a constructor.

Insulate the water heater

In case you have an older water heater, then you should hire professionals to come and check its state, and see it they could insulate it, because you can save between 4% and 9 % on the water heating costs if you insulate it. If you do this, and wrap your hot water tank in an insulation jacket, you would be heating it more efficiently. This is one of the projects that pays off on the long run, so do not ignore it.

Where to insulate to increase the energy efficiency of your house?

There is a certain way in which insulation has to be installed in order to offer you the best benefits. The first place that has to be insulated is the attic, but you have to be careful to apply it over the floor joints and between them. Also, do not ignore the top of the attic door and the hatches. In case you have a basement you should insulate its walls and inside the surface of crawlspaces. In case you notice any irregular areas and voids, both on the interior and exterior walls, you should fill them with insulation.