Incredible Styles that Can Be Easily Recreated with Ribbons

Ribbons are a simple but incredible accessory that you can use anywhere, anytime to get a plus of fashionable and delicacy. There are various ways to use a ribbon, if you use your creativity, to invent new trends, here are a few ideas to design something modern and chic using ribbons.

·         Hairstyles

The hairstyle is an important detail of our everyday look. So, if you got bored with the basic hairstyles that you are always wearing, an amazing idea to get a fresh trendy look is to add a ribbon in your hair no matter if you braid your hair, curly it, have a ponytail or a messy bun.

·         Gifts

We all love nicely wrapped gifts, in order to create a fashionable wrapping, using curling ribbon is the easiest way to do it. Match the color of the ribbon with the color of the wrapping paper, create a now n the top of it and it will look lovely.

·         Christmas tree decorations

Decorating the Christmas tree is such a fun an enjoyable thing to do, but maybe you got bored with the old decorations you have, so here is a great hack that you should use. Create small colorful bows from silky ribbons and hang them all around the tree.

·         Hand-made accessories

Handmade accessories have always been trendy, so you can design your own at home using ribbons. Twist the ribbons, add pearls or sequins, create a ribbon rose and place it on a headband. Use your creativity and be innovative and you will have a new set of accessories for a fresh look when you go out.

·         Wedding Theme

If you are on a low budget for your wedding, a ribbon themed party is the best solution. The costs for decorations are going to be very little. A simple design but it is going to give your wedding a delicate and romantic atmosphere. Use ribbons to decorate the party location, add one in your hairstyle and bride bouquet.

·         Old clothes

There is no use in throwing away the old clothes that you think are not trendy or do not fit you anymore, set free your creativity and reinvent them using ribbons. Create small bows and fill that simple t-shirt, use the ribbon as a belt for that dress that seems to be a bit too loose or add a ribbon on that silky dress too get a feminine look.