Increasing Resale Value with Easy Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you are looking to increase your home’s resale value, it is important to consider which improvements are the best. Because remodeling and home improvement projects aren’t cheap, realizing the best value for the dollar is essential. Major kitchen remodeling is expensive, but homeowners benefit from solid cost-to-value ratios. Unlike bathrooms remodeling which returns 57 percent of its costs, remodeling your kitchen can return 70 percent of the cost. A well-designed, sensible kitchen remodel is one of the best projects for increasing home value. However, whether you kitchen remodeling project will increase the release value on such extend depends also on your housing market’s strength. A robust housing market helps such projects return their initial cost, but if the market is weak consider only some minor kitchen remodeling projects such as repainting, new cabinet doors, counter tops and appliances.


Lighting is the key to setting a mood, so choosing the right light can drastically improve your kitchen’s looks. This way the space it will be more comfortable for you and your guests in any time of day. Consider under-cabinet lighting and pendants over a kitchen island or breakfast bar to add ambiance. If you can’t add new lights, changing fixtures and adding dimmers that control light volume is a great idea.


If you are looking for a minor improvement projects, the cabinets might be the best choice, as they are a major focal point for buyers. Just replacing old cabinets immediately adds value improvement. For example, replacing mid-grade painted kitchen cabinets with soft-close doors is affordable and adds almost as much value as top of the line cabinets would. If you cannot afford such change you can save money by refacing cabinets if the box is in good condition. There are multiple home decorating ideas like these that allow you to save money while actually improving comfort and living conditions inside the house. For instance, you can even simply repaint your cabinets and turn the kitchen into a shabby chic-themed room.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

According to experts, energy efficient homes are properties that exceed the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code by 15%. In order to achieve such savings, home owners must approach home design by integrating all aspects of home operation. The best way to improve the efficiency of your home is by changing energy consuming kitchen appliances. Take the refrigerator, for example, a large home appliance that runs 24/7. If your refrigerator is old, chances are it is not Energy Star rated. Before you purchase a new one, check some refrigerator ratings and choose a new model with eco features.

Refrigerator reviews can tell you more about a fridge than a list of technical specifications can. The reviews featured on are very useful as the consider the efficiency as well as the energy ratings of certain types of fridges. The dishwasher is also a problem, as you have to wash dishes daily. New models use far less energy and water, costing owners only $30 per year to run. Because potential buyers often look for money-saving designs when shopping for a house, replacing old appliances with energy-efficient models will increase the value of your home.

Major improvements

If you want more than just looking at refrigerator rating and choosing the best model, consider some major improvements such as replacing the floor installation. There are many flooring options, including laminate, linoleum and exotic hardwood, so the trick is choosing one that goes easy on the wallet, suits your tastes and is durable. Experts recommend floating floor (laminate) as it is easy to install and nails the hardwood look at a fraction of the cost. Another improvement that can make your kitchen pop is adding tiles for kitchen backsplashes that is easy to clean and adds interest to your kitchen. If you are handy you can even tackle it on your own. Another great idea for those who live in an older house with small rooms is an open floor plan. Open floor plans allow more natural light to enter and improve the flow of a house. Before making any structural changes, make sure you consult a contractor.

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