Increase the value of your house with an improved garage

People frequently need to refinance their mortgage or sell a property they own and it is understandable why they would want to get their house appraised at the highest possible value. While at a first glance the garage does not seem to affect the price of a house, according to many real estate agents it has a significant impact on the property appraisal in general, not to mention the fact that buyers are constantly demanding more room and conveniences. As far as storage space goes, by simply adding garage shelving units, the house owner can increase the overall value of the house and thus obtain a larger profit. In order to transform your interior space into an attractive addition for buyers, just follow this guideline:

Proper insulation

Insulating will not only keep the interior space warmer, but it will also help you avoid issues such as moisture and damp and thus the house will receive a good review from the home inspectors. Furthermore, if the house is properly insulated, it will look more appealing to potential buyers and you have higher chances to find some interested faster. Insulation is the first step in any remodelling project and, while there are numerous methods of insulation, the most common ones are the loose-fill and the sprayed methods. These methods are quite affordable and once the project is completed you will save a considerable amount of money on the utility bills.

Replace the garage door

Even though at a first glance, replacing the door appears to be completely useless, you should reconsider this thought because there are many benefits that come from this investment. A tired, old garage door will not look very appealing to potential buyers, but they will definitely be more interested in a house that has a new and modern garage door. Furthermore, buyers are always interested in properties where they do not need to worry about investing in maintenance and repair projects and any real estate agent will confirm that the houses with a good garage door are the ones that sell the fastest. Even if you are not necessarily planning to sell your home in the near future, a new garage door will offer you more safety in case you want to use that space for storage purposes and increased personal safety, as many burglars use the faulty garage door to enter a house.

The right shelves

While it is clear for many people that a garage that is not in perfect condition is regarded as unattractive, organisation also plays an important role in determining the price of that house. A messy and untidy interior space is a real deal breaker. First impressions count and you do not want to scare away potential buyers. Since most garages are used for more than just parking the car, it is necessary to organise that space carefully, in order to make the most out of it. Racking and shelving are an excellent storage solution, as they allow their users to store anything from gardening tools to heavy equipment without any problems.

To sum up, when trying to increase the value of the house it is important to think outside the box and remember that a few improvements can make the difference.

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