Don’t know what you can possibly do to sell homes faster? If you would like to become a successful real estate agent, ask your furry friend for help. From a marketing standpoint, using animals makes perfect sense, as they can easily capture the viewer’s attention. Incorporating images of your pet into your advertising is incredibly effective eliciting emotion. Animals are associated with feelings such as love, companionship, and comfort. Bring your dog to the brokerage firm if you think that it’s not enough to have your best friend featured on your marketing campaigns. Whether people like to admit it or not, animals play a huge role in the home buying decision. If you want to attract more clients, sell more homes, and grow your business, keep in mind these tips.

Include your pet’s photo on the About page of your website

In case you were wondering what the best place is to place photos of your precious pet, it’s the About page. Don’t even think about placing them on the homepage of your business website. People will automatically assume that the website is about you and will immediately leave the site. Pet photos can enhance your credibility and transparency being indispensable resources in web design, but the homepage isn’t the best place to explain the essence of your brand. The About page is the place where visitors can learn more about you. Introduce yourself as a kind of business that clients want. You can include a photo with you and your pooch leaving the dyrlege nittedal. People will know that you’re a dog-friendly realtor.

Feature photos of you and your dog in marketing materials

Marketing materials do a great job when it comes down to telling the story of your brand. Being able to transmit that you sell homes that accommodate pet-friendly floor plans is essential. Think about including photos of you and your furry friend on the marketing materials. It will enable you to communicate the benefits of your business and people will want to buy what you’re selling. People who make frequent visits to rehabilitering hund clinics are looking for a place that can accommodate the needs of their aging pets. Obviously, they will turn to a dog-friendly realtor when selecting a living residence. Make sure prospective clients know what’s in for them if they choose to do business with you. Using one or two pictures of you and your pet sends the right message.

Show your support for the local pet community

A real estate agent is well-known in the local community, which is why they should get involved to show their caring and understanding. Help your local shelter or animal rescue center do more for the poor animals. Offer to take the dogs to the dyrlege when necessary and promote the “Adopt, don’t shop” movement. If your schedule allows it, volunteer every week. If not, make time to take part in food drives and so on. You won’t regret it. Not only will you be doing a great thing, but also you’ll win over clients. You’ll earn the reputation of someone who can help through any issue.