How can furniture increase the value of your house?

Renting out a house is an excellent idea if you do not need the venue, but could use some extra cash and if you also happen to live a popular area, then it will not take you more than a couple of weeks to find interested tenants. There are many ways to increase a property’s value, ranging from complete renovations or the building of annexes, but you don’t always have to spend a lot or initiative an extensive project to be able to ask more from your tenants. For example, a quick trick that will make your house or apartment more interesting and attract more offers is to invest in high quality furniture and thus advertise a living space, not just a series of empty rooms. Here are some tips that can help you out.

Elegant furniture makes a good impression


Many people who rent a house do so on a short term basis. They usually expect to live there for one year, maybe a couple of years, but not for long enough to invest in expensive décor or unique furniture. Therefore, a house or apartment that has already been decorated and feels homely and welcoming is more appealing to them. From a financial perspective, they are more likely to rent a refurbished apartment at a higher cost than pay a little less rent, but have to invest in furniture themselves. Items such as sofas, chairs and lounges can be very expensive, especially when bought from a famous designer and any tenant will be tempted to rent a space that has been decorated with class and style.


What furniture should you buy?


Eames is a well known brand among connoisseurs and if you want to make a good impression and increase the value of your property, this is the brand to go with. Even if most of their designs were created in the early 20th century, they still are popular today, because the items offer an irresistible blend of classic beauty and modern edginess. Take the Eames style dining chair, for example. Without being overly extravagant, it lights up the entire room, so much so that there is no need to buy a dozens of knick knacks for decorating. Most Eames style items are versatile, so you can match them to classic and minimalist decors.


How to save money when buying sophisticated furniture


No one can deny that Eames is a stylish brand, but original items can be a bit costly and you may not always be able to buy entire sets of furniture. Fortunately, you can save money by buying replica furniture. Contrary to common belief, this doesn’t have to be low quality. There are many stores, especially online, that sell premium quality replicas that are almost impossible to distinguish from the original. These are the perfect way to achieve an elegant look in your house or apartment, but without investing more than you can afford.

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