Green Homes- A New Trend in Real Estate

Green homes are energy efficient homes that are made of natural materials such as wood or adobe, that are environmentally friendly in every aspect, from design to construction, use and maintenance, that do not have significant thermal losses and that uses recyclable raw materials and resources. If you are thinking about investing in real estate, the green homes are the new trend that should have all your interest and attention. Here are some of the particularities of the green homes and discover their advantages.

Cost reduction in the long run

Although the costs of building this type of house are higher than the costs of a regular one, any investment can be recovered by substantially reducing the energy costs. Another thing you need to keep in mind regarding the green home is that they have an extremely small heat transfer with the environment. For example, in this type of house, you will not need to turn on the air conditioning in summer days, as it benefits from a system that does not allow the heat to come inside. Also, the water comes from a filtering system that collects rain water, which also reduces the costs.

Natural and durable building materials

The green homes are made of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials such as recycled steel, insulating concrete forms, plant-based polyurethane rigid foam, cool roofing, straw bales, structural insulated panels, wood, low-E glass and adobe. All these building materials keep the heat and cool inside, depending on the season, are fire resistant, offer high moisture resistance, excellent acoustics and protection against mold.

Eco-friendly infrared heating systems

The heating system of a green home is also energy efficient and if you are planning on building a green home, you should consider installing an infrared heating system. This type of heating system is environmentally friendly because is does no release any type of emissions in the air and it uses less energy because it is a very efficient heating system that heats the objects and bodies and not the air, it starts instantly and does not require preparation time which means the consumption is low. There are several types of infrared heaters on the market and you can learn more about them if you visit the site.

Sustainable energy systems

The green homes use sustainable energy in order to obtain energy, which reduces the costs implied by water and electricity supplies. Baseboard heating systems, photovoltaic panels, solar panels, ecological heating pumps or wind systems are the most efficient and the most popular energy systems among green home builders, because they reduce the thanks to a working method that combines the care for nature and the latest technologies.

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