Ford Explorer – the only car real estate agents should drive

It’s safe to say that real estate agents spend most of their time in the car. What they do is spend their days between properties and appointments. As you have probably noticed, realtors don’t drive vehicles that challenge the conventional notions of beauty. On the contrary, real estate agents drive only fancy cars. If you’re a realtor, you’re probably wondering what car you should get. The only car that real estate agents should be driving is Ford Explorer. Buy new or buy used. But why buy a brand new automobile when you can buy a second generation one? Edmunds opinion on the used Ford Explorer price is that it doesn’t bother purchasers. The Ford Explorer is definitely the car you should get for your real estate business.

What it’s like to drive a Ford Explorer

If you haven’t yet got behind the wheel of the Ford Explorer, you don’t know what a pleasure it is to drive this vehicle. The Ford Explorer makes it easier for you to skip traffic and you don’t feel like you’re driving a delivery van. Even though the car is a little bit big, it provides a smooth driving experience for those who are regularly on the road, like real estate agents. Finally yet importantly, the four-wheel drive offers you enough space to accommodate many passengers, spare clothes, and electronics.   

The argument for Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a luxury car. What does this mean? It basically means that it’s an automobile that provides luxury. The question now is whether you need this type of car in the real estate business. Yes, you do. The Ford Explorer affects your image. To be more precise, the car makes you look professional, which is exactly what you want. When they see your ride, clients will automatically think that you’re successful and that you can help them buy or sell a piece of property. So, you shouldn’t be against luxury. What you have to remember is that you’ll be spending many hours on the road and the car from which you get out affects the way clients see you.

How to buy a Ford Explorer  

There’s no better option for realtors than the Ford Explorer. If you’re seriously interested in purchasing a used Ford Explorer, set a budget. You can’t go car shopping without figuring out how much you can afford to pay. Once you have established your budget, shop for a used vehicle. Edmunds, for example, has lots of used Ford Explorers in stock and the great thing is that they offer competitive prices.