Downsizing-public storage makes the process easier


Public storage seems to be very helpful for people who wish to maximize the space in their current homes, apartments and even offices because it allows them to relocate several extra items without eliminating them entirely from their life. However, renting a storage unit is also beneficial for those people who opt for downsizing because they do not have to worry about the extra stuff. Downsizing has become a popular trend among homeowners, who prefer a compact space that requires less maintenance, lower utility payments and taxes. They are aware that sacrifices might be made in order to enjoy the advantages and they are willing to make changes regarding their lifestyle. Nevertheless, by resorting to storage units Scarborough they win more time when it comes to deciding what to do with all the unnecessary belongings and they can focus more on the move. Undoubtedly, public storage is great because it significantly facilitates the process of downsizing but you still have to pay attention to certain aspects.

Rent the suitable storage unit

Before you start exploring the options, you first need to establish the renting timeframe and the size of the storage unit. Then, you can create a list and mark down the features you expect from the storage facility such as alarm system and security guards, around the clock access and several payment methods, keypad entrance and climate control, lighting system and insurance available. Price definitely matters so do not forget to ask. All these aspects will help you make an accurate comparison regarding the benefits provided by each storage unit and narrow down the options. For peace of mind, visiting the facility will enable you to analyze the surrounding area and the condition of the storage unit.

Learn how to let go

The following step is making an inventory concerning your belongings and you should first deal with large items like furniture or exercise equipment. Making a distinction between emotionally loaded and useless items is crucial because otherwise, you will not be able to part with the latter. Try to be realistic. If you still have supplies bought several years ago for a long gone hobby, there is no point in keeping them. The same rule applies if you have shelves full of books that you already read, more than once. You should bring into your new home only those with still uncovered stories. You can store the rest until you decide if you sell, donate or use them as presents for the loves ones.

Pack the items properly

After you determine what stuff you want to store, you should start packing. Separate fragile objects like dish glasses and wrap them individually. Use bubble wrap instead of newspaper because it does not stain. Paintings or large photos and mirrors must be stored vertically to remain intact. This is common sense, but put the heavy items at the bottom and the lightweight ones on top. As a last tip, organize the boxes in the unit wisely meaning that you should place those that you do not think that you will need anytime soon in the back and those that you might need regular access to at the front.