Can insulation increase the value of your home?

In addition to making sure that the house is safe and comfortable for all family members, a homeowner’s responsibility is also to think of sustainable ways of increasing the value of the property. Selling the house for which you have worked so hard might not sound like a possibility when you first sign the papers, but you never know when you could need to relocate. So, you should invest in renovations and improvements that will help you get a good price for it. There are many options in this regard, but one of the tried and tested ones is insulation. This home improvement pays for itself in a couple of years, because you’re saving money on energy bills and because it increases the value of the property considerably. Here’s why you should get in touch with insulation companies such as to initiate a project!

Energy-efficient properties are in high demand

Real estate priorities have changed considerably in the past decade and buyers are looking for energy efficiency in their homes. They don’t just want the house to be in good condition, but also allow them to live sustainably and economically. Insulation ticks both these boxes, so if you do it, you will get a lot of offers. What is more, buyers are willing to pay more for an insulated house if this allows them to save energy later on. So, even if insulation does require an initial investment, it helps you profit in the long run.

What areas should be insulated?

Complete insulation is recommended for maximum energy savings and comfort, but, if you’re not ready to make a big investment, you could start with the basics, that is insulating the areas most vulnerable to energy loss. This will require an assessment to be conducted by a professional insulation company and the results of their findings will vary depending on the age and state of your property. More often than not, inspection reveals energy loss issues around these vulnerable areas:

  • Basement and attic
  • External ducts and wiring
  • Doors and windows, especially in old homes

Buyers are aware of these common problems and it’s the first place they look when assessing the energy efficiency of a property.

Ideally, the entire house should be insulated, but, if you do not have the budget, you could limit yourself to the most problematic areas. A professional insulation company uses specialised devices to detect the biggest energy loses.

Starting the insulation project – the importance of a professional contractor

Once you have decided to take the big step and start insulating your house, it’s time to look for a company that meets your budget and requirements. The importance of being selective cannot be overstated. If insulation is not done by an expert, you are losing your money and risking the structural integrity of your home. Take a few weeks to research the local market and talk to several contractors who can offer you a quote based on your requirements. Then, make a plan with your company of choice and focus on keeping a transparent relationship.

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