Affordable home improvement ideas that will only take you ten minutes

When you become bored with your home décor elements, there are some simple ideas you could put into practice for updating them in less them ten minutes. Some are even practical, which will help you to organise in a beautiful fashion your belongings. For instance, some cheap organza bags come in handy if you need a solution for organising your jewellery. Ribbons, on the other hand, can be used in multiple other ways to improve your home’s looks. However, keep a close eye on the following ideas, if you get easily bored with your home décor.

Decorate your flower vases

If the old flower vases tend to bore you simple as they are, you must know that by integrating some ribbons and bows, you will completely change their appearance. Pick a cylindrical transparent vase and with a red ribbon, tie a bow. Place some fresh flowers and you have an updated décor element for your living room table. The great thing is, you can always change both the flowers and ribbon when you get bored. This is such a versatile solution!

Update old lampshades

If your old lampshade does not bring you any joy anymore, you could bring a little update to it. Find ribbons in a design that appeals to you and you can use two techniques for updating it. The first one is to glue the ribbon at your shade’s base. The more complicated idea is to create a weave from your ribbon. Simply wrap your ribbon in a weaving motion around your lampshade and by using a hot glue gun, secure it in place. And now you have a brand new, fashionable lampshade.

Update your décor cushions

Integrating cushions in a living room décor is such a simple solution for changing the overall atmosphere. However, if you become bored with them at some point, you could once again use a hot glue gun and a roll of ribbon to update their edges or to create intricate weaves on them. Make sure you consider this option, since it is so affordable and fun!

These are three simple ideas one could use for updating their home décor in less than ten minutes. Make sure you pick your ribbons well, because you can benefit from great deals if you work with the right manufacturer and retailer. Enjoy our ideas!